Introducing Mozilla Localizations to Telkom University Students

On Friday, September 5 2014, Telkom University Firefox Club held their 3rd event in Telkom University. This time, they introduced localizations efforts in Mozilla to other students in a small workshop event. I also came to the event and helped them a bit. Even though we only managed to gather 7 participants to this event, we got native speakers of Sundanese, Javanese, and Minangkabau language among them. This 3 languages are the local languages in Indonesia which Mozilla community is trying to localize to for Firefox.
In this event, we had some discussions with the participants about the importance of languages in the web, especially when it comes to browsers and the people who are genuinely new to the Internet. After the discussions, our Firefox Students Ambassadors, Bondan and Bagus, gave a short introduction about what Mozilla is, localizations of Mozilla projects in general, and then a tutorial to use Locamotion to localize our favorite browser to other languages. It didn’t take too long to get the participants excited to start trying the tools by themselves and spent a nice hour of localizing.