Mozilla Indonesia at Festival Komputer Indonesia 2012 – Bandung

On June 6th – 10th, 2012, Fauzan Alfi and I set up a Mozilla Booth on Festival Komputer Indonesia 2012 – Bandung (another link). We were helped by 8 volunteers, which are loyal Mozilla Firefox users and fans from Bandung. One of them, Daeng, always come to Mozilla events in Bandung lately. He is also a member of Firefox Sundanese L10N team and currently applying to be a ReMo too. Good luck bro’!

Festival Komputer Indonesia 2012 was also held in other cities in Indonesia and Mozilla Indonesia was also participated in FKI 2012 Jakarta and Makassar.

Our booth in Bandung was set up to help people with their Mozilla Firefox (we call it a “Firefox Clinic”). Besides the clinic, we also introduced our community, Firefox 13, and Firefox Beta for Android to the people. And on the last two days of the festival, Fauzan Alfi talk on the stage about what’s new on Firefox and other Mozilla projects (WebFWD, B2G, and L10N). At the end of the talk show, we gave a t-shirt to a festival visitor who asked a question about Mozilla.

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